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Round Rooms is a short puzzle game that will help you have a better understanding of your personality and mindset. It will test your ability to observe, memorize and MEASURE YOUR SELF CONFIDENCE.


You will be sent to 10 different round rooms. In each one of them, you have 60 seconds to explore and memorize as much as you can. After the end of each 60 seconds period, you will be asked 5 questions about the content of the room, and whether you’re sure of your answers or not.

The goal of this experiment is to test how many times you thought you’re right while you were wrong, and how many times you doubted yourself while you were absolutely right.

At the end of the game, you will not be given fancy words like "Rightfully confident" or "Cocky" but you'll be faced by a list of percentages that shows you a detailed analysis for your certainty and doubt, leaving the final judgment for you because unlike words, numbers never lie!

Key Features: 

- Short and puts you immediately in the fun.
- Easy and super intuitive control for everyone.
- Suitable for all ages from grandkids to grandparents.
- Real-time test that requires no previous knowledge. 
- Fun to watch someone else play it.


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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I enjoyed it and gave my brain a little exercise. Nice little game. I think it is well executed, i.e. everything works as it should and it all hangs together for a pleasant experience. It would be nice if the graphics were higher res and more beautiful to look at, but that is an unfair quibble for a $1 game. Cheers.

Thanks for the feedback and the tip too. I really appreciate it. 

I am actually working on improving the visual quality for my next game. 

Really good game, Surprised by my results. Would love updates on this game!

Hi there! Glad you liked Round Room :) and thanks for making a video about it. I am planning to add more rooms and some randomization to the questions in the future, but I am currently working on another Project called Resuffer. When I am done with that I will go back and update Round Room. If you would like to try Resuffer beta or just hang out and chat with me, here's my discord: https://discord.gg/thepsychiartist

Thanks again and have a great day :)